Monday, January 16, 2017

Smash Me Orange (poem)

January 15th is my son's birthday and this year he turned is his most favourite colour...

Orange is the colour

that binds him and me

orange I craved for

when he was growing inside me

orange is his favourite colour even now

orange is the light that is he

bright orange coloured his dreams

orange tinted his cheeks

tangy sweet bright his persona

fragrance of orange his words for me

orange is the colour that binds

mother and son and spreads happy

orange tinted skies he summons

orange like the sun he is bright and glee

©Seema Tabassum 2016

© 2016

© 2016

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mesmerised (poem)

Love…sometimes I wonder if love is a witch craft,do you have any other explanation for the way it feels,for the way it conquers all senses,takes over,we do the craziest of things and the bravest of things which we otherwise would never had done…had we not been so…mesmerised…

here is a poem which kind of captures the emotion(in my humble opinion)…I’ll play safe and say that I tried to capture,now you tell me if I managed to or failed…


I understand
when he talks
to me in clues
of rainbow hues…
but when we get
to conversing...
meaning escapes me…
I’m lost in his eyes…
so mesmerised…
that I cannot
he’s saying
©Seema Tabassum 2016
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

One Last Selfie (Saturday Silly) poem

Selfie is all the rage,I’ve seen and heard of many incidents about people getting hurt and hurting and causing inconvenience to others because of this ever growing and expanding craze,here is a humourous take on the fad,I don’t think this fad is ever going to fade,maybe this is one of those trends that stay on forever,maybe this generation is going to be remembered for this one trend that they started,who knows,what I do want to know is if you like this poem,I hope you do,by the way had to let you know that I could very well be the one who started this trend,I’ve been taking selfies since 2002,I didn’t have a name for it and it was all because I had no choice but to take pictures myself,more of a solution it was than a craze and now I don’t take any selfies at all…just saying,in case you wondered…

P.S. Please always take care not to cause inconvenience to others because of your `selfiesh' antics,please refrain from taking selfies in places where vehicles ply,like say roads,also please don’t leave your kids’ hands when outside in a crowded place,don’t jeopardize their safety/life for your selfie’s sake,I hope common-sense prevails or maybe we should start a trend where it is cool to use one’s brain…hmmm

Selfie baby
Selfie crazy
Death too cannot
Me ever stop
Selfie I take
For memories’ sake
But selfie keeps me engrossed
Living that memory goes for a toss
Life was documented well
Now a little documentation of death
One last before heading to foreverland
Just in case there selfies are banned
Selfie just before entering the grave
Oh on facebook it will be all the rage
Cheese I say…will miss clicking most
Please edit it pretty and to ‘public’ you post
I’ll be popular and famous finally
Besides all great people were recognised post humously

Cheese or
(whatever!! click)

©Seema Tabassum 2015
© 2015
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Friday, September 9, 2016

Your Words (poem)

Words have all kinds of effects…
they linger,haunt,stay,dance,glide,slip,feed,satiate,fill,empty,touch,move,bring smiles…isn’t language the most important thing,without it how would we convey how we felt,how would we express and how would we read and write poetry…
this poem here is about what words of a special someone can do to a person…
I hope you like and I hope you can relate to this…
so please use words,say more,listen more,write more and read more,definitely read mine more…heehee

Your words the things you say
make me stop in my steps
hit me again out of nowhere
make me stop in my steps
leave me out of breath
make me stop in my steps
burn a hole in my chest
make me stop in my steps
hear them on repeat in my head
I am again…stopped in my steps
like your breath on my neck…….

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Poetic Streaks

My first post for this new year has to be about the two handsome men in my life.They both can be pretty poetic sometimes.I'm sharing two beautiful conversations which bring great beauty,joy and warmth to my heart whenever I think of them.

Before that you have to know something about me,I hate wet surfaces even rain,anything wet,I cringe when I touch wet hands,can't stand wet and ofcourse my family knows that well.

My husband never cries I've seen him cry only once after his mother left this place.

Conversation with Taher(hubby)
Me: Honey why is it you never cry,you should,I'd prefer you cry if you're hurting than just go quiet like that.
Hubby: You know why I don't like to shed tears though I'm crying in the inside,because you don't like wet surfaces and since I hold you in my eyes I wouldn't want to make that place wet,besides I don't want you to flow out with my tears,I hold you there dear,so I can never cry.
needless to say I was speechless,he just smirked and said "you think only you can floor me with your words,I can do that too,after all these years I must've learned something right?"
I chose to keep my mouth open in awe and not reply 

Conversation with Abbu(son)
Abbu: Mama,you know what happened in my dream?
Me: How can I say about your dream?
Abbu: How can you not remember Mama you were in that dream,it was about you.
He winked and had that 'pleased with himself' smile on his face,and I as always couldn't resist hugging him tight 

There are many more quotes of Abbu and some of Taher,many more conversations which leave me in awe of how they think,I will share someday again,for now I just can say that I'm pretty lucky to have these handsome fellows in my life.
Hope to make more such beautiful memories.

©Seema Tabassum 2015
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Reflection,Confession

I bled on these pages and no one cared
I grew distant from people who were always there
I'm giving up this pursuit this running
I'm losing in all of this precious something

i started with these thoughts,hoping to make a poem but a poem will be a poem and no one will understand if i'm simply writing or really mean,so i stopped.
There was a time before all of this i breathed and lived,like really lived in the moment,not trying to act as if i'm living that minute while my mind is occupied with something else,usually about poetry.

I just realised when my son said something,my hubby and he are on a trip,again without me,i asked my son if he missed me and he replied,"No,Mum,you're never really there" and that hit me hard,i had some time to reflect on what i'm doing and why and where is this taking me,i have only one answer....AWAY....away from family,from my life,my all, that i over the years built so son used to give me cards as trophies implying that i'm his hero and Mother Teresa but now he doesn't really think about me much or highly...i can see the distances growing,my hubby... i have no words when i think of him,i'm running after people who don't care if i exist or not and forgetting someone who's been through hell and more for me,who fought for me,who never gave up on me,who made me his sun and shines when i smile,and if i look at him will blush like a teenager....i was never ambitious,i was content being a wife,his wife,i only wanted to be his wife and nothing else,i was content being a mother,that was my ambition,being a mother,a good mother,now i don't know how my son who had me on a pedestal thinks no big deal of me,it started with poetry,i always had a superiority complex,still do,still think nobody can work like me or is organised like me,but writing no,there are great poets here,who write beyond beautiful and are in hundreds and i'm lost,sometimes i have to look some words up,so it just hit me,that i am really nothing,wasting my time,i thought my blog will be fabulous but it is lost in the crowd here,there are people here with ten thousand followers and a thousand likes on one post while i ...i'm like the scum of the pond, i feel that way,there are people who are really kind to me and read and leave sweet words but i know that they are only being kind,i wanted to be someone people will wake up to and check first,to see what next,i do that,check so many here,i wanted to be someone's light,i thought i wrote great but now i know reality,i can never be what i thought i could be because then i was a frog in a well,happy thinking that is all,but the world is different,there are tons of talented people and i'm just wasting my time here,
if we have to go anywhere my hubby asks me if i can make time,that has become me,i don't know how or when but i've become that,selfish,engrossed in my own world,neglecting my life support thinking i'll do without and now it's killing me to see,my lifelines adjusting,surviving and thriving through my absence and i'm still stuck wondering if i missed a post or a mention,losing sanity over nothing that makes a difference to anybody,getting lost in virtual while life is passing me by,i've had time to think about what i'm doing,i'm getting lost in the ink of others,i should be less involved,i'm probing people's lives,getting to know the fragrance and the dirt and that is impacting my life,in the now,i have no life i can boast about.
Abbu(son) and me used to go shopping every weekend,buy groceries and books,home accessories,something,anything,that was our bonding,we'd discuss what looks nice or is a good read or how it was rubbish,then eat a snack,eat desserts....Taher(hubby) though always busy we'd squeeze in family time,now there's still family time only i am missing....i wonder how and what prompted me to start a blog,i wanted everyone to read my poetry,i thought only few people write poems,i was naive,now it's like the whole world writes poetry and i'm nothing special,infact i'm not even good...i've lost,i gave in to the devil,feeding my ego,i wanted to prove something to the world and i've proved that i'm a fool to think i'll make a difference or matter or people will look out for me,here even friends who call me family don't care,facebook no one even bothers to read anymore because i cannot make time to interact with them and those are my childhood friends,nobody cares to share,i wonder what kind of friends are they,they share mundane jokes and stale quotes but not my writes,none,sigh....for some strange reason i feel betrayed,not justified i know but i have to let this out lest it kills me,i was wandering this past year doing God knows what i recall only running...i have friends here on Google who've been here only one year and i have been here for 18 months now,and they have achieved far more than me,it's crazy,i never compare myself with anybody but this does show something if i cannot see it'll be ignorant and delusional of me...i see rather clearly, i need to make changes,i am going to,how and what i know not,for now this will be my last post this year,will take time to reflect on my life,ofcourse things will change,you'll see less of me maybe,i don't know,i'll try to figure out how to manage time,while my babies were away i did realise how stupid i was to run behind a phantom and forget my moon,stars and rainbows...this phantom that is you i will get inspired by and write my poems so i'm not complaining,i'm stepping back some and will see how it helps my life,needed to write this,get it off my chest,need to breathe,exhale,release and live...if you are like me i hope you realise priority soon and not get carried away,basically i'm giving up,giving up running behind a shadow,craving for attention or fame(i know a big word)...i'm giving it all up...
Wishing you all a a very Happy New Year,hope i still have a place to go back to after all,and no place like home,hope to see you soon and well,please take care,God bless.
See You in the next year.Take Care.Babye.

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